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Wandering Wednesday:When Talking Backfires


When Talking Backfires (3-16-2012)

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When parents ask me how to better communicate with their teens, I usually start with this:  Quit talking.

It might seem harsh… like I’m trying to stunt the growth of a parent- child relationship.  But actually, keeping your mouth shut can be a catalyst for development and greater maturity in your teen.

You see… when we’re constantly reminding, teaching and correcting teens, it backfires on us.  You’re giving them the answer because you want to fill them with wisdom.  But every answer you give… is one they don’t have to figure out themselves.  It’s a recipe for stunted growth, if I’ve ever heard one!

So… try this out with your teen today.  Improve your communication.  Resist the temptation to lecture!


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