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Pathway's high school, homeschool program began in 2007!

Pathway has a thriving community of high school students in 9th-12th grades.  Pathway meets weekly on Fridays in Huntersville, NC.  In 2019/2020, we served 45 families with 64 students.  Our primary focus for classes is academic/core subjects.


Our subjects vary yearly and include several Science options, History, English, Spanish, Public Speaking, Christianity/Worldview, Economics/Government, Literature/Composition, Psychology and Personal Finance.   Our class sizes range from 5 to 25 students, the average being somewhere in the middle.


We meet for 30 weeks each year beginning in August and ending in May with one week breaks approximately every six weeks. Our classes are offered a la carte, so students can focus on what they personally need each year.   Our instructors are highly qualified and passionate about their roll in teaching our Pathway students. Each instructor sets the cost for their class. 

Questions?  Please send us an email to:

Class Options

As a Pathway member, you may sign your child up for both Paid Classes and Paid/Volunteer Classes. 


All students enrolled in Pathway classes are Members of our High School Co-op Program and are welcome to join in all classes and activities.



*** We do have some classes that run at the same time, so before registering, please make sure your class choices do not overlap ***

Paid Classes

​Pathway High School has a variety of paid classes that do not require any volunteer time by the parent.  For these classes, the parent does not need to be present. 

However, please know that in order to operate the high school program, Pathway must have an assistant (parent) present in each class.  Every classroom requires two adults at all times, so any assistance parents can offer on Fridays is greatly appreciated.  The assistant is not responsible for any teaching or substituting for the class; they are just a second adult in the room, which is a requirement by the church.  Please let us know if you would be willing to volunteer on Fridays - even for one hour is helpful.

Paid / Volunteer Classes

​Pathway also hosts paid/volunteer classes.  These classes have an option for a reduced price.  If your student takes either of these classes at the reduced price, it is required that a parent volunteer, in some capacity, during our co-op day.  For 2020/2021, our paid/volunteer classes are "Gavel Club" and "Foundations in Personal Finance."  

Full details on how Pathway High School operates are in the High School Guidelines. ​

Volunteer Time from Parent

The high school registration form will have a list of jobs that need to be filled during the day so our high school program can function.  You will be asked to submit your top three choices when you register.  For each paid/volunteer class your student(s) are enrolled in, a parent will be required to volunteer one (1) hour per week.  For example, if your student takes two in-coop classes, you would need to volunteer two (2) hours per Friday.  This volunteer time may or may not coincide with your student’s classes.  Once registration closes for High School, we will then determine the volunteer schedule for each class.  

Examples of volunteer jobs are: ​

Set up Class Rooms:  Setting up tables and chairs for classrooms and other preparations before class beings. 

End of Day Cleaning:  Empty trash, bathroom clean up (pick up trash and wipe down counters), vacuum, etc.

Door or Hall Monitor:  Monitoring the entrance/exit or hallways of the church.


Teacher Assistant:  Assist in a high school class with whatever is helpful during their teaching hour. 



Fees for High School

An Operating Expense fee of $15 per class will be required. This fee covers Pathway's insurance, taxes, and operating expenses. If you also have student(s) in Pathway’s K-8 program, this fee is waived for high school since you will pay it in the lower school registration.  All operating expense fees are non-refundable.

Church Donation

A Church Donation of $15 per class will be collected on the first Friday in November.  Again, if you also have student(s) in Pathway’s K-8 program, this fee is waived for high school.  This check will be made out directly to the church and is tax deductible.  We are grateful that our host church is so overwhelmingly generous in providing their facility for us to have our co-op.    The church blesses us with electricity, water, gas, HVAC, along with their rooms, furniture and exterior playgrounds. All church donations are non-refundable.


Non-Refundable $100 Deposit is required to hold your student's spot in each paid class.  This $100 will be paid directly to each teacher for their respective class.   This deposit must be received within 14 days of your registration or the student will be dropped from the class roster, and re-registration will be required.  This $100 deposit will be deducted off of the total of the class. The entire balance will be due (at least) two weeks before the first day of class.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Payment for Fees and Classes

Payments for high school operating fees are paid to and handled by Pathway.  Church donation checks are written directly to the church.  All payments for classes are made directly to the teacher, and financial details and decisions for classes are between each teacher and the parent.  Pathway leadership does not handle any financials for classes. All deposits, fees, and class payments are non-refundable.

After you register, you will receive a Paypal invoice for Pathway operating fees.  These fees are due upon receipt.  The invoice will include the teacher’s information so you may pay your deposit and class payment directly to them.




Once registration opens, we will fill classes until the class has reached its maximum.  Returning students have priority registration prior to new students.  Once a class is full, we will start a waiting list and let you know if a seat opens for your student.  Paid classes have a minimum number of seats that need to be filled in order for the class to take place.  If the minimum is not met, the class will be cancelled.  Pathway will let you know by the end of the registration period if the class is going to be cancelled or not.  Pathway reserves the right to give top priority to students based on the total number of classes for which they register and whether or not the family is also a member of Pathway's K-8 program.

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