Middle School 2020-2021


Devotions: 8:45

Middle School Classes: 9:00 - 2:00

* Optional Elective Class Apologetics/Worldview 2:00 - 3:00


Writing & Grammar


Institute for Excellence in Writing: Following Narnia® Volume 1: The Lion's Song 

Using the first three novels of The Chronicles of Narnia® (The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Horse and His Boy), this series of 30 lessons (with two bonus lessons) beckons students to experience the enchanted land of Narnia through the Structure and Style® writing method.


Easy Grammar Plus


Students learn grammar faster and easier when they're actually writing and editing texts; this hands-on approach to grammar is just one of the reasons why Easy Grammar is so successful. Utilizing the prepositional approach, students memorize prepositions to then eliminate from sentences, making finding the noun and verb much easier. Concepts are reviewed and introduced throughout the school year; this, accompanied with reviews helps to ensure engaged, mastery learning for all students. This comprehensive workbook covers nouns, verbs, common mistakes (fragments, run-ons, etc.), phrases, clauses, adverbs, pronouns, interjections, conjunctions and the other major aspects of grammar.


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Institute for Excellence in Writing: Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion's Song Student Edition (3rd Edition)


Institute for Excellence in Writing: Following Narnia Volume 1: The Lion's Song Teacher Manual (3rd Edition)




Easy Grammar Plus Student Workbook



Easy Grammar Plus Teacher Edition


World History

Mystery of History Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection


The Mystery of History Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection, 3rd Edition is written from a Christian, young-earth, perspective, and teaches children to see God's hand throughout history! Written in a conversational style, many lessons are presented in the form of mini-biographies, integrating fascinating stories with the events of the time. Covering creation to the resurrection, students will learn about famous biblical characters, ancient peoples, and well-known men such as Aesop, Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Emperor Asoka, Herodotus, Caesar, Hannibal, and Herod.


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Mystery of History Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection



Optional:  Mystery of History Volume 1 Creation to the Resurrection - Audio CD Set https://www.rainbowresource.com/product/047626/Mystery-of-History-V1-3rd-Edition-Audio-CD-Set.html


Literature & Vocabulary



Various literature selections to be determined by the teacher



Wordly Wise 3000 Student Book 8, 4th Edition

Wordly Wise 3000, 4th Edition, Book 8 contains 20 lessons with 15 words per lesson and focuses on preparing students to be able to decipher words they'll encounter in content area texts, literature, and tests. Lessons begin with word lists that include definitions with contextual sentences, much like dictionary entries; a selection of activities follow the word list, which include replacing a phrase with a word from the list that means the same thing, identifying the correct definition, choosing the best word to complete a sentence, identifying synonyms, reading passages followed by comprehension questions, discussion/writing extension ideas, and other exercises.


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Literature - Various books

Wordly Wise 3000 Book 8 Student Edition, 4th Edition



Wordly Wise 3000 Book 8 Key, 4th Edition



Teacher Resources Only:


Various Literature Guides



Purposeful Design Earth and Space Science Student text

ACSI's Earth and Space Science textbook will get students excited to learn about the science behind the world they live in.This hardcover student text covers earth science, minerals, types of rocks, the structure of the earth, weathering and erosion, soil, crust movement, earthquakes, volcanoes, water systems and weather, the environment, astronomy, space exploration, and more. Units open with a list of vocabulary and key ideas. Chapters include sidebar boxes with objectives and defined vocabulary; lesson text is easy to read with a number of interesting sidebar boxes on facts, history, careers, and more. Illustrations, diagrams, timelines, and hands-on "try this" experiments are also integrated. Lesson review questions complete each chapter.

Purposeful Design Earth and Space Science Lab Manual

This lab manual is designed to be used with the rest of the ACSI / Purposeful Design Earth and Space Science curriculum. A variety of worksheets and activities are included. Students will conduct experiments and record their hypothesis and give their analysis and conclusions; complete various charts, use maps, and more. Softcover. Consumable and non-reproducible. Scripture is taken from the NIV


Teacher Resource Only

Purposeful Design Earth and Space  Science Teacher Edition


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Purposeful Design Earth and Space Science Student Edition



Purposeful Design Earth and Space  Science Lab Manual




In apologetics/worldview class we will start by exploring different worldviews and religions in the world and evaluating them in contrast with the Christian worldview.  We will also learn about the arguments for God’s existence that support the Christian worldview and arguments for the deity of Christ and his resurrection.  Later in the semester we will dive into tougher topics like why God allows evil, the fairness of heaven and hell, whether science conflicts with Christianity, how Christians can stand for truth without being intolerant, how to share your faith in a loving and effective way, etc.

Purchase: How to Become Your Own Selfish Pig by Susan Shaeffer Macaulay