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About Pathway Christian Co-op


Why the name Pathway?

Eugene Peterson (author of The Message) said that "discipleship" is a long obedience in the same direction. We think that raising our children and educating them could be described in the same way, "a long obedience in the same direction." The longer we homeschool, the more we believe that to be obedient, to stay on the "narrow pathway" that Jesus described, we need the Lord desperately, and we also need each other. In addition to receiving community support, we can also lovingly guide each other's children towards the pathway that the Lord has for them.

Who are we?

It is our goal to aid parents in their homeschooling by providing support, accountability, fellowship, and encouragement.Our group is made up of Christian families. It is our goal to enhance our children's educational and social experience by providing learning opportunities while helping our children to adopt a Biblical worldview. We accomplish this goal through weekly co-op meetings for elementary and middle school, as well as weekly paid classes for high school.

How do we work?

Pathway is made up of two parts - a cooperative that includes grades K-8th, and paid classes for high school students grades 9th-12th.

The Co-op (K-8th grade)

"Many hands make light work!"

In our middle school and elementary co-op, each mom is asked to teach in ONE class and assist in TWO. This ensures that the students have a wonderful variety in their teachers, the labor is distributed nicely, and the load is not too big of a burden for any mom. If you are new to homeschooling or don't feel comfortable teaching, please don't be overwhelmed by this requirement. We will be happy to help in any way we can. Assistants serve as built-in substitute teachers when the teacher has to be absent.

High School

For more information about our High School, please click on the High School tab at the top of the page and chose from the drop-down menus.  To reach high school leadership, please email

Meeting Days

Pathway meets weekly, on Fridays, in Huntersville, NC.  Please contact us for more information. 

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