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Meet our Instructors

History Classes

Christianity / Worldview

Economics and Government

Clay Broussard

Clay Broussard has a BA in Economics from the University of Texas and a MA in Religious Studies from Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. He has spent over 30 years in the professional world as a sales and operations leader in the IT Services Industry. He is currently in the position of Supply Chain Executive at DXC Technology, a $16B USD global services company and has traveled extensively with his job.


He is passionate about Freedom, Education, Christianity, History, Economics and Politics and has taken an active role in teaching his own children as well as others. Mr. Broussard has eight (ages 11-27) children and 6 grandchildren and counting with his beloved wife of 28 plus years, Stacy.


He has served as a pastor, elder and men’s ministry leader in various churches as well as taught numerous small group Bible studies and lay-seminary classes in a large church setting. He is currently attending Providence City Church  in Charlotte. While living in North Carolina for 21 years (14 in Raleigh), and falling in love with the state he now calls home, he is and forever will be, a Texan!

Literature and Composition

Sara Rhew

Sara Rhew is a veteran teacher with an extensive twenty-five year track record of successfully educating students of all ages. Seventeen years of that time has been spent instructing in homeschool co-ops exclusively. She is passionate about teaching both writing and literature and loves to help students learn to express themselves through writing. Sara’s goal is to combine her range of experience and her enthusiasm for literature and writing with her passion for equipping each individual student to step forward in the plan God has for their life. She is thrilled to see how her student’s writing can grow and blossom over time. Prior to teaching in the homeschool community, she earned a B.A. in Management from UNC-Chapel Hill and instructed for many years within the medical industry, specifically cardiology. 

In addition to teaching, Sara is dedicated to helping students prepare for college-level work and often mentors students and parents on curriculum, transcripts, and dual enrollment. A native North Carolinian, Sara grew up in the Asheville area. She and her husband Lance have four children (ages 14-25). Her family is blessed to attend Christ Community Mooresville. Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, politics, flower gardening, holistic health and nutrition, and classic movies.

Algebra 1 and 2

Kevin Yaiko


Kevin has a BS in mathematics from Houghton College and a M.Ed. from Liberty University. Prior to joining Pathway in 2022, Kevin was a New York and Ohio certified high school math teacher for 16 years. This included shorter stints teaching in a juvenile detention center and public school, and 13 years teaching in an International School near Budapest, Hungary. Kevin has taught HS level math from Algebra to Precalculus, as well as Introductory Python and Personal Finance. Currently, Kevin is a school staff manager for the online school at The Art of Problem Solving, a San Diego-based company that specializes in education for the math-obsessed. 


Kevin also was the HS boys basketball coach for his school in Hungary for 11 years. One of his favorite events each year was coaching in the tournament his school hosted with teams coming from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. 


In his free time, he enjoys tinkering in computer code and buying books he won't read. He has been married to his wife Kristen since 2004 and they have four kids that are currently being homeschooled. They moved to Hickory, NC in 2021 and, with Kevin and Kristen both growing up in the north (NY and IL), they are learning new protocols for dealing with light snow storms.



Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry

Shari Kaiser

A lifelong interest in learning led my husband and I to homeschooling. It has been a pleasure to

be personally involved in molding the individual strengths and personalities each of our children were

given to prepare them to serve God’s purpose. We have four successful homeschool graduates.

I became actively involved in the homeschool community in 1995. I served as Director of a

support group (GRACE) for 13 years and Director of an area association (CHEA) for 8 years. These

opportunities allowed me to interact with many fellow homeschoolers, both those seasoned in the

journey as well as those just starting out. We all enjoyed learning from and supporting each other. I

continue to enjoy serving as a mentor when the opportunity arises.


I have also been able to share my strong interest in science with the community since 2007,

beginning with Chemistry classes. I’ve taught science classes in a variety of enrichment facilities in the

greater Charlotte area annually since then.


I look forward each year to helping my students see that science is fascinating, fun and



Spanish Immersion

Levels 1 and 2

Carmen Hartzell

I was born on December 25 into a family of educators who instilled in me love for learning and teaching. I was also born and raised in the historic city of Querétaro, México. At age 11 I arrived in Charleston, SC where I was home-schooled in Spanish by my mother and, at the same time, attended an American School where I began to build my bilingual path. Eventually, we moved to the Charlotte area where I graduated High School a year early and worked as a translator/interpreter for several years before marrying my husband, Matt, and becoming a stay-at-home mom to my wonderful children, Breanna and Brandon.


 I am currently working as a Spanish Immersion Instructor/tutor to a wide array of learners ranging from preschoolers to adults. I enjoy art, painting, drawing, sewing, cooking, baking, playing guitar, reading, writing, volunteering, learning, and teaching.


I am certified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and I have obtained an Associate’s Degree in education and an Associate’s Degree in Arts. I take into account my personal

experiences and educational standards in order to implement my teaching methods. At the heart of everything that I do is my passion for education and my commitment to my students’ success. 


This will be my seventh-year teaching High School Spanish at Pathway. I am truly grateful and elated to be part of the Pathway Christian Co-op’s team and to share my knowledge of the Spanish Language and Culture with my students.

Theater / Drama

Jill Graham

I am a veteran teacher with almost 20 years of experience teaching in public, private, and homeschool settings. This will be my second year teaching in Pathway’s high school program.  I have taught at Providence High School in Charlotte, Forest Hills High School in Union County, and Arborbrook Christian Academy in South Charlotte.


My undergrad degree, from UNC Chapel Hill, is in Secondary English Education, but I soon got a chance to follow my true calling to teach theater. I started the theater program at Forest Hills High School in Union County where I adapted and directed A Midsummer Night’s Dream; The Princess Bride; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; and Little Women. Later, at Arborbrook Christian Academy, I had the privilege of writing and directing a collection of scenes from the writings of C. S. Lewis called Into the Wardrobe. I also directed another rendition of The Princess Bride, which I adapted from the movie. In my final year there, I was the artistic director and oversaw the annual Christmas program.


My goal is to show students that theater is FUN and an amazing way to use their God-given talents to move audiences with portrayals of the good, the true, the beautiful (and the hilarious).



American Sign Language

Erik Kiefer

Erik Kiefer attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, and studied business management and psychology. 


Before moving to Lake Wylie, SC from Upstate New York in early 2021, he spent 8 years working in education, investing in the normally functioning and intellectually disabled community – Playing a prominent role in the creation, improvement and operation of a variety of successful services and education programs. This included training staff on how to successfully manage school programs/use proper behavior management techniques, working with school administrators on a variety of opportunities, and the development of local business connections to provide employment opportunities to individuals who are looking to further develop their professional skills. 


After moving to the Carolinas, Erik decided to start an official sign language education business called 'Visually Speaking' because of his passion for teaching and knowledge of the language. He grew up with several Deaf family members, immersed in the culture, and was taught how to sign at a very young age. This history and unique perspective of the Deaf culture that he has plays a major part in the instruction of each student he's had, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to make a connection with people in the Deaf community. 


He is passionate about education, politics, and spending time with friends & family. Besides his work, he also enjoys traveling, working out, sports, cooking, and outdoor activities like hiking. His faith, family, and calling to mentor/invest in younger Christians is most important to him. You will also learn very quickly that Erik loves coffee, and there’s a good chance he’ll have a cup in hand whenever you see him.

Intro to Psychology - Psychology for everyday life

Beth Gregory

Beth Gregory earned a BS in Education/ minor in Psychology and an MA in Fitness/Wellness Administration. Beth began prepping students for the AP Psychology Exam in 2011 and has been teaching AP Psychology and High School Psychology since 2013. In addition, she was a teacher in both public and private schools and Pathway Christian Co-op. She homeschooled her 3 children from K-12 for 18 years and was a member of SALT, LIFE, and Grace homeschool support groups.

As a Psychology instructor, she draws on her professional work experience as an educator and curriculum writer and as a hospital wellness and community health education administrator and instructor/counselor. In addition to developing and coordinating programs she provided lifestyle management instruction for groups and individual counseling in behavior change including exercise and fitness, weight management, stress management, etc.

In addition to teaching, Beth assists her husband Dave in their remodeling business, she provides life coaching for students and young adults, and she is a BSF Discussion Group Leader at Bible Study Fellowship International, Lake Norman. She served three years as Class Administrator and Administrative Leader for Bible Study Fellowship International, three years as Chairperson and Board Member for the Cornelius Library Endowment Committee and four years on The Parents Council of Queens University of Charlotte. She enjoys daily fitness and exercise, remodeling and decorating, knitting, reading, and researching psychology and sociology related topics.


Teaching at Pathway since 2010

Principles of Personal Finance

Stephen Clark


Stephen Clark has a BA in Pastoral Ministries from Pensacola Christian College and an MBA from Montreat College.


He has over 23 years of experience in the Financial Services industry and currently is a Risk Manager within the Wealth and Investment Management business at Wells Fargo Bank in Charlotte, NC.  


He has been a longtime home school parent, filling the very vital role of supportive spouse. He has 3 children, all who are or have been a part of Pathway.


He has been an involved member of Lake Norman Baptist Church for 22 years serving as an adult and youth Sunday School teacher, as a participant on many committees, and has been a member of the worship band playing guitar. He was also an adult chaperone at the LNBC Student Ministries summer camp 2022 and intends to repeat that experience again in the summer of 2023.

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